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Debit cards may be issued by a credit card company (like Visa, Mastercard), but they don't give you any credit: For every payment, you need to. Prerequisites in order to register for the credit card: (Registered) Residency in Germany (non-EU citizens need to send in their German residence permit); Any. However, Germany is not underbanked: 97% of consumers have at least one debit card and 32% of consumers have at least one credit or charge card.7 While​. Many translated example sentences containing "credit card charge" – German-​English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Many translated example sentences containing "to charge a credit card" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations.

Credit Card In Germany

However, Germany is not underbanked: 97% of consumers have at least one debit card and 32% of consumers have at least one credit or charge card.7 While​. Find list of BINs issued by Banks in Germany. Get issuing bank information, type and other information about the credit card. Prerequisites in order to register for the credit card: (Registered) Residency in Germany (non-EU citizens need to send in their German residence permit); Any. Credit Card In Germany

Is there any credit card that offer zero or low interest rate for balance transfer from another credit card? Therefore interest rates would only apply if you decide not to pay your monthly credit card bill.

The Hanseatic GenialCard offers the possibility to transfer money to your bank account that you could then use to balance out another credit card.

The interest rate for this credit card is currently at Hi Peter, the easiest way to cancel your credit card contract is to send an email to the credit card provider.

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Post Comment. Best Credit Card in Germany. Table of Contents. Gebührenfrei Mastercard Gold. Get your credit card. Santander 1 Plus Visa Card.

Then even more banks offer a free account for you! Find here a comparison of special offers for students, plus in case you need a visa: offers for a blocked account Sperrkonto.

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Credit cards are the ones that actually give you a short-term credit : You can make a payment even without enough money on you card account — but once the mostly monthly bill arrives, you should have the money ready.

Otherwise you might pay high interest rates. Credit Cards from Germany Compared Below you find an interactive comparison table with free credit cards from Germany.

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I read this article and tried with DKB first and then Barclays. But both of them denied my application.

Need your expert advise on how should I get a legitimate Credit card, preferably with some credit line.

Many thanks. It would probably be easiest to take a credit card of the Commerzbank, as this bank already knows your creditworthiness and your income.

Without income and creditworthiness check, you can open the MasterCard with a Smartphone-current account.

However, the credit limit is only as high as the credit paid in advance. Otherwise, I think that this credit card is really great: Number Would that be something for you?

That right. I had applied for a credit card more than a month back with gebuhrenfrei and I got one. But then I realized recently that the bahncard credit card by commerzbank would be a better option for me as I travel a lot by train.

I applied for a credit card from then and got rejected. Though I live in Germany since the last three months, my salary account is in Belgium.

Do you think that the my recent shifting to Germany and salary account in Belgium are reasons for rejection? Thanks in advance!

Sorry, there are more than 2, different credit card models in Germany. We only focus here on some of the very best from our subjective point of view.

This is the reason, why we can answer detailed questions. Regarding the acceptance and rejection politics of offers that we do not actually know, we cannot give you any reliable information.

Hi Tanja, I have a creditcard from Sparkasse. I have euro debt, but this month I cannot pay it. I am going to skip it only this month.

What kind of extra money do I have to pay? It is just extra money, right? There are more than 2, banks and even more card models in Germany.

We cannot and do not want to support all of them. We have decided to describe the best offers in our point of view and answer the questions on their optimal use.

These banks are:. How common is it for consumers in Germany to purchase products online with credit cards versus paying by another method like direct bank transfer or Klarna?

What is the general preference? I have been living in Germany for three years now, first as a student and now with a stable job.

I have had a deutsche bank account throughout this time. I checked the one offered by Deutsche Bank and they charge 39 euros per year for it.

Do you have any tips or opinion on how the DB credit card is? I am looking for something which I can also use to make transactions online in Germany and in person while travelling abroad.

Will the credit card from gebuhrenfrei be a better option in this case? I cannot give you any current information about the credit cards of the Deutsche Bank, as we do not have the credit cards of this bank anymore.

You can find excellent alternatives on our special portal. In the USA, most credit cards often give you bonuses for signing up, such as dollars cash or points after initial purchases.

Also, you usually get free doubled warranty, price protection on all purchases, theft protection, free car rental insurance, etc.

Is it the same way in Germany? Thank you. I have been living in Germany for a little over two years. I have been a credit card since 1 year but I am not happy with their service at all.

It is very difficult to find a solution if I have a problem even with the Customer Service. I am thinking of cancelling this card and applying for another one.

I have been paying the complete bill monthly. Is there any disadvantage in Germany of cancelling a card or having multiple credit cards?

I received an invoice in regard of my credit card. The due date for the payment was a Monday and on the previous Friday I went to the bank asking them to correct the amount to be debited from my account.

She said that she would call me back or that she would send me an email, as I preferred. She did not call me and I paid the full amount.

What are my rights in that regard? I am looking for a credit card with no annual fees, without charges… and that allows me to make payments abroad for free..

Did I understand you well, and the best options for these requirements is DKB or comdirect? Can you recommend any?

There is no way we can recommend that. We do not know any German card provider — regardless of bank or not-bank — that would allow to open an account in your own name and then give the card to somebody else.

Such a provider will probably not exist, because such a practice goes against several German and European regulations.

The only legal possibility would be to find a provider who would be willing to provide you with a partner card with the name of your brother on it.

Such topics are not within our purview, so probably other websites might be able to help you better. Good luck! I am interested in getting a contact less credit card in Germany.

Do you know which banks offer them? And is it usual for people to use them? Do stores accept contact less cards? More and more card readers in the retail business are being changed accordingly.

With some it works, with others not yet. Where the change has already been implemented, payment by touching the terminal with the card is totally normal and works.

I resist in Lithuania, but shipping is not an issue, because there are some service providers who gives you an address in Germany, so I can use it for shipping my purchased goods.

Later they will deliver my goods from DE to LT. But the problem is that particular eshop detects my cards origin and rejects the payment and says that it is not the German one.

It can be virtual, without credit line for sure. The only requirements are: can be ordered online, possibility to transfer funds via SEPA transfer or topup with other card like Revolut offers.

Minimal card fees are welcome. That is an interesting challenge! Good luck for your business! Hi, thank you for prompt response.

Is it really German card? That is a very good question, many thanks! Viabuy has been founded by very smart people, who cleverly used the laws and regulations within the European Union, Germany and Great Britain.

The registered office of the company actually is in Great Britain. You can find this account number on the backside of the MasterCard at least when you order it via the German language site , like I have done.

Outgoing transfers will be sent from a German bank account as well. For deposits you have your own virtual account number. Outpayments are done via a collective account number.

There are a few variations, e. On our special portal for clever banking in Germany we always refer to the Viabuy MasterCard that you order in Germany!

One of the biggest is Germany! Hi Tanja, really helpful page which is the first to help me in my problem so far! From your article I guess the only options are viabuy, payangoCard or onlinekonto.

Is that right? Thanks so much! Hi Sarah! There are of course more credit cards in Germany than the ones we mention here.

For example, you can buy prepaid card at the gas station. But that is not the subject for our special portal. With a setup fee of But for the next three years, one does not need to pay and card fees anymore.

So maybe it is worthwhile? Anyway, it is the cards that you can order the easiest way online identity check and is also mailed to England.

Thanks so much. Of course there are always positive and negative experiences. Yes, that is true. This is due to the security structure Viabuy uses.

The average private Viabuy customer will in It seems that this card is not actively promoted and I have not yet found detailed information about this card on your DKB-page.

Have you already tested this card or can you say something about it? It is true that this card is not really promoted by the DKB — furthermore, one cannot even apply for it online.

From my point of view, it is not particularly attractive, because it only includes insurance services for the annual fee of currently Euros In particular, these services are: — cancellation insurance for journeys — financial protection at the deductibles of rental car insurances — abroad travel health insurance — motor vehicle insurance within Germany and abroad.

Who absolutely wants to have a Platinum-card anyway, can query the PDF-application through the customer service. However, I do not recommend it.

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am an exchange student from Australia. I moved to Berlin around 6 months ago and I found your page very helpful with settling into Germany opening an account and payment methods.

It was so helpful in fact that it helped me write my project about attitudes towards consumer credit in Germany and credit card acceptance.

I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions in regards to this topic or if someone would be willing to help me.

Any help would be deeply appreciated and credited. Germany still remains as one of the most cash-intensive advanced economies on earth.

Why do you think that is? A considerable number of businesses in Germany do not accept credit cards.

Why is this? Do you believe that German consumers are generally debt averse? I have more questions that lead to other areas, is there a possibility I could contact someone about more of these?

Germany has already been having its own EC card system for many years, which in comparison to credit cards was decidedly lower priced for retailers.

In addition, the prevalence of credit cards is not that high, because local banks often issue them only hesitantly and with too high fees.

There have only been changes in the recent years, since modern direct banks issued credit cards free-of-charge to their customers as a standard.

Also, since December there has been a EU directive that limits the credit card fee for retailers interchange fee to max. Since then, the credit card acceptance in Germany has been rising month by month.

To-day, you can even pay with a credit at discounters like ALDI. German banking customers are very different. But in contrast to some other countries, one can still say about us, that we still have a middle class worth mentioning, with assets worth mentioning and therefore might need fewer loans.

Statistically, every 80th German is a Euro millionaire — which means, has assets of at least 1 million Euro assets minus debts.

Meaning If I do not put any money in that card, I should not be able to do any transaction but at the same time the charges of that should be like gebuhrenfrei or DKB.

Second question, I have applied for DKB and gebuhrenfrei and got rejected although I have been living in munich since 3 years.

I am Indian and I got a credit card from Gebührenfrei within a month or two after coming to Germany.

Probably you should check your schufa score…. The problem with N26 is that it is not as useful for frequent use as gebuhrenfrei could be because of limited cash withdrawals on EC karte as well as visa card.

Hello Everyone, first of all, thanks for this very interesting article, full of useful information. I leave in Germany and I have a permanent job contract.

I am considering to request an american express platinum for the following reasons: 1 full insurance coverage rentals cars, trips cancellation, medical accidents, etc.

Can I find on the market something similar, with the same benefits, at lower price? Thanks a lot. The actual service? Well … so many things happened, that should not have happened, so that I even was invited to the headquarter in Frankfurt to personally meet the board member responsible for service.

That did not change any of the problems, though. Difficulties came up again and again. Then I cancelled, and even that turned out to be problematic and took a while.

Advantages of each free credit cards and compare the charges and information about the free credit card in Germany. But please note that international transfers usually incur Spiele Summer Queen - Video, and your paying bank might deduct those fees from your deposits. Their credit term is also very long: 7 weeks. Like a direct deposit coming from United States. July 4, at pm. This does not change the price for you. Applying for a student Visa, au pair or Jobseekers Visa? Through its predecessor institutions, however, since this web page yearthe company has a presence in Germany. Which cash machines can be used, is there any fee and are there any daily or monthly limits? Admin says:. Toggle navigation. Services Mobile Banking made in Germany One of the first things on your to-do read article when moving to Germany will be to open a bank account. This motivates us to create even more useful sites for interested readers! June 11, at pm. Receive info about new blog articles and cheap deals in Berlin and Germany, approximately 1 mail every 2 weeks. Germany has already been having its own EC card system for many years, which in comparison to credit cards was decidedly lower priced for retailers. However, this article focuses on the free credit card from independent continue reading card providers in Germany. Babatunde Lord.

Credit Card In Germany - Debit vs Credit Cards

So paying back in time this is really something you should take care of if you want to stay free of costs. June 7, at pm. I would like to save my income in a separate account with no initial deposit conditions or charges. If you presently have a monthly income, make use of it and look for banks which offer joining bonus, e. And there are also currency conversion costs, so be prepared to see a smaller amount being deposited into your account than you might have expected. Could you source give me a contact number? This is a very interesting offer if you travel an lot and want to withdraw cash abroad. See here a list of the best free German bank accounts with bonuses. The Click bank Free Mastercard Gold credit card offers a lifetime free Credit card click here free foreign usage without any transaction charges, Mastercard Gold benefits including free travel insurance, and best option for students and think, Game Samba for new in Germany. Admin says:.

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Targobank does. A simple step-by-step guide on how to open a bank account in Germany. For details about registration, recorded data, statistical analysis and email dispatch via the US service MailChimp please check our privacy statement. Coming and living in Germany as a student? October 7, at pm. Guide with a comparison between Fintiba, X-patrio or Deutsche Bank blocked account and process what is a blocked account and how to open a student blocked account from your home country. International transfer using bank usually incur a high transaction cost e. For extending the Visa, it depends on the Beamter Officer at the Rathaus. Like BarclayCard, the HanseaticBank GenialCard is not read more to any bank account, so you simply can keep your current one. May 4, at am. Our US cards work rather well in Germany. This is great business for the credit card company, because the credit interest will be charged from the date of the transfer. Read More. Therefore, it is difficult to give a permanently valid overview. But where do most breakdowns occur? German bookstores are notorious for not accepting credit cards, but most allow EC card payment. Probably Vladimir Petrov should check your schufa score…. Sometimes, it is required to receive article source regular income of a certain amount, which must be transferred to the Azzam Yacht account. For deposits you have your own virtual account number. Commerzbank, Alle Mastercard- und Visa-Karten, girocard. Consorsbank, Visa- Miles and More Mastercard, Hilton Honors Credit Card Porsche Credit Card. Credit Card: Visa from 30 € / year. Interest: Credit interest daily allowance: % pa. Borrowing rate credit facility: %. Banking: Website: Find list of BINs issued by Banks in Germany. Get issuing bank information, type and other information about the credit card. English-German Dictionary: Translation for Can I pay by credit card.

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